Galeria Reocupa, an art and debate space, was opened in the lobby of Ocupação 9 de Julho, in the center of São Paulo, in 2018. At Ocupação 9 de Julho, in an INSS building that was closed for around 30 years and which Today it is organized by the MSTC (Movimento Sem Teto do Centro), home to more than 100 families.

The gallery, intended to be an instrument of construction and articulation between the artistic world, the residents of the Ocupação and the population of the center of São Paulo, has received visits from more than 15 thousand people since its opening.

We entered the 3rd seLecT Art and Education Award to support projects that use art and culture as a tool for transformation and inclusion; and Galeria Reocupa is a beautiful example that, in addition to the collective exhibition of 150 artists, promotes monthly activations with art workshops and activities at Community Kitchen involving residents.

In Arapuru we will support the Gallery with its pedagogical role in articulating art and the movement for housing for 6 months financially, allocating the amount of R$6,000.00 periodically and, thus, contributing to the continuation and construction of the next exhibitions and activities of the Ocupação July 9.

More information about the Gallery and the project: Galeria Reocupa and in the article from Select

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