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Arapuru Challenge
contributes to develop the
Brazilian cocktail culture.

Arapuru Challenge:
Celebrating Brazilian Cocktail Culture

We launched our annual challenge to elevate the Brazilian cocktail culture and to support our talented bartenders.

We aren’t looking to promote a sole winner, but rather, help to build a community, foster innovation by exploring local ingredients and story telling.

Participants can use any Brazilian spirit in their recipes. We also give preference to Brazilian mixes and garnishes.

Our judges, professionals in various spheres of Brazilian culture, will evaluate the diversity and creativity of the cocktails.

Keep an eye on the rules for each year and let’s celebrate the Brazilian essence in our cocktails!

what motivates us

  • Build a cocktail community with more collaboration between bars, bartenders, journalists and consumers to promote Brazilian cocktails.
  • Pay homage to our culture and encourage bartenders to try different ways of expressing the Brazilian essence through cocktails.
  • Democratize access to Brazilian cocktails and value our country’s diverse ingredients, folk stories and regional cultures.
  • Inspire consumers to see cocktails as an art form and bartenders as artists.
  • Contribute to the continued professionalization of bartenders.
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    Bartender Manifest

    Arapuru supports the different forms of expression of Brazilianness and, for us, cocktail making is a field of creation, capable of reflecting the multiplicity of Brazilian culture and art. We believe that Brazil can increasingly reflect our own cocktails, but all construction comes from working together.

    We know how professionals in the field are the driving force behind creating new trends, but no path can be taken alone. Whether a bartender, journalist or consumer, it is necessary to mobilize different fields to increasingly value Brazilian mixology. That’s why we would like to contribute to building a collaborative cocktail community, seeking to open horizons for more people to get in touch with their local cultures, so that they can better understand their own essence.

    Is it possible to show the essence of Brazil through a cocktail? We believe so. Brazilianness comes in many forms, it is the mixture of the history of each one of us with our perspective on Brazil. Brazilianness lies in the choice of local ingredients, the path to finding them, the musical, cultural and artistic references translated into flavors that touch our senses. Brazilianness is in the entire stories that we find in a sip of a drink. Brazilianness inspires the transformation of a simple cocktail into a work of art.

    And we want these works to reach everyone! The construction of a cocktail shop with a Brazilian essence can only exist when these drinks are valued in different bars, restaurants and regions. And this is possible with the constant support of the professionalization of bartenders and the dissemination of Brazilian cocktails.
    So we invite all professionals and lovers of creating drinks to join in the search for the essence of Brazilian cocktails with us.


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    Arapuru takes you on a journey through pleasures and flavours of Brazil in a single sip. We’ve infused an English tradition of a London Dry Gin with the essence of Brazil, represented by carefully selected botanicals from all five regions of the country.