Terms and Conditions


Purchasing Policy

1) The client claims to be over 18 and able to consume alcoholic beverages in moderation

2) The Arapuru Gin online store is only available for purchases by individuals and for personal consumption. It is forbidden to buy for other purposes such as resale in bars, stores, emporiums, etc.

To do this, access the resale page or contact [email protected]

3) Due to our artisanal production, our products have limited production lots. That way we limit the purchase to 2 bottles per purchase with the intention of getting more people to taste the first London Dry Gin made in Brazil and with Brazilian ingredients

4) The freight term informed at the time of purchase will only begin to be counted from the moment of payment confirmation, in which all customers will be informed as well.

5) For giving up on purchases or problems with your order (return, defect, damage, etc.). check out our “Exchanges and Returns” section



The delivery date is 10 working days after payment confirmation (if the payment method is by deposit or bank transfer, send the receipt to the email [email protected]). Questions regarding delivery contact us by email [email protected]

If the user registers a wrong address and the delivery has already been sent, the user will have to bear the new delivery costs.


Exchanges and Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or have any problems, just follow the procedures in our Exchange and Returns Policy, which was created based on the Consumer Protection Code.

As soon as you receive your order from Arapuru Gin, check, in the presence of the delivery person, that the package is properly sealed, that the products are intact and that the order is in accordance with the invoice.



If your order has any damage or violation, sign the protocol provided by the delivery person, signaling the problem. Even so, keep the goods, keep the packaging the way you received it and inform us, via our email: [email protected] of the damage that occurred, that we will seek a solution.


We use resistant boxes, hives so that the products do not collide with each other, we pack the products with bubble wrap, but sometimes the products suffer damage. Our product is fragile. If a malfunction is found in your order, please proceed as follows:

a) Do not refuse the goods. We ask that you receive the product, as the possibility of total damage to your box is very unlikely and you can take advantage of the other items of your purchase while we solve the problem for you.

b) Check what has broken down.

c) Take pictures of what has broken down in your box. We ask you to send the photos to us, to [email protected], reporting which products have been damaged.

We will provide the best form of reimbursement for you, you can rest assured about this. Your message will be answered within 72 business hours.

Exchange of goods

Products purchased at Arapuru Gin may be exchanged within 7 (seven) days after receipt. The exchange will only be carried out if the product is in the original packaging, properly sealed and in perfect condition.

Contact us by e-mail: [email protected] providing the following information:

a) Communicate the product code (information on the invoice).

b) Describe the reason

c) Do not refuse the goods. We ask that you receive the product and contact us.


If the customer gives up on his purchase, after it has been sent, two options are possible: exchange the product or refund the value of the product. The following conditions must be observed:

Deadline for withdrawal

The deadline for withdrawal is 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the product. The product must be in the original packaging, with no evidence of violation and accompanied by your invoice. In case of withdrawal, after the product has been shipped, the cost of shipping to Arapuru Gin (return) is at the customer’s expense.

Refund of product value

The refund will be only the value of the products, excluding the amount charged for shipping (and return if the bottle is delivered, in which case the bottle must be returned. user will have to pay the return shipping costs of the bottle). Depending on the payment method, it can be done as follows:

1807 / 5000 Resultados de tradução For credit card payment

The card administrator will request a refund. Depending on the invoice’s due date, the credit may not appear on the same invoice. Most of the time it is reversed only on the next invoice and, if the payment was made two or three times, the refund will also be made two or three times.


For payment by bank transfer

The refund will be made within 15 days to the user’s bank account. The refunded amount does not include freight, the user who will pay the additional fees charged for bank transfers.

Exchange for another product

If the new product chosen by the customer has a higher cost than the one initially purchased, this difference can be paid by credit card, bank slip, bank transfer and deposit. The freight charge for sending the new product must also be paid. If the product indicated for the exchange is cheaper, the value of this difference will be returned through bank deposit directly to the customer’s account.


Reason: Product defect

In case of defect, the customer must contact directly by email [email protected], and the time given for the customer to inform the receipt of a defective product is up to 72 hours, that is, 3 (three) business days from the receipt of the order. The product must be sent to Arapuru Gin in the original packaging and accompanied by your invoice.


Reason: Sending error

If you have received a product other than the one requested, you must contact us via our email [email protected], immediately communicating the fact, so that we can arrange the exchange.

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    Arapuru takes you on a journey through pleasures and flavours of Brazil in a single sip. We’ve infused an English tradition of a London Dry Gin with the essence of Brazil, represented by carefully selected botanicals from all five regions of the country.