We, at Arapuru, have always been passionate about Brazilian crafts and, especially, golden grass – this wild treasure from the heart of Brazil. And more and more artisans and popular artists are having access to the market in capitals and abroad, helping to strengthen and maintain the communities’ traditional ways of life.

Capim Dourado crafts are an important source of income for around 800 people in local communities, and also contribute to environmental conservation in the Jalapão territory.

Unfortunately, there is a strong illegal market in which golden grass is harvested in a way that is not approved by environmental agencies and without registration with the Nature Institute of Tocantins (Naturatins). Subsequently, the raw material is still used in the production of handicrafts through the use of “slave” labor. These practices impact the quality and price of final products, making sales by serious associations difficult.

During the pandemic, many associations were impacted and we decided to carry out this project with the help of Central do Cerrado

We made boxes with babaçu coasters that were produced by the Community Association of Extractive Artisans and Small Producers of Povoado do Prata, formed by a Quilombola Community located in São Felix do Tocantins in the Jalapão region, state of Tocantins.

We ordered a limited and numbered batch to support the artisans of this association and we are, literally, passing on the price without including a profit. We would love to receive your support in spreading the word.

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