In honor of Ney Matogrosso, for his eccentric personality, which represents Brazilian diversity very well. Creation is by Vitor Borges for Arapuru Desafia.


2oz ofArapuru Gin
1/2 oz of urucum seed syrup
1 oz lime juice
2 Buttermilk Dashs
2 puxuri essence dashs
Jerivá sorbet

How to prepare

To prepare the sorbet, boil the jerivá in the water and then beat in the blender with plenty of liquid, separate the pulp and beat again. After it gains consistency, season with lemon, cloves and ginger. With the sorbet well chilled, fill it in the bowl to replace the ice. Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, beat vigorously and double strain directly into the bowl.

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    Arapuru takes you on a journey through pleasures and flavours of Brazil in a single sip. We’ve infused an English tradition of a London Dry Gin with the essence of Brazil, represented by carefully selected botanicals from all five regions of the country.