Portraits of the Brazilian essence - FELIPE FECA

With the aim of valuing the beauty of the Brazilian essence, Arapuru Apoia promotes contemporary artists who bring unique visions of Brazil to life within the individuality of their work.

Therefore, through Arapuru Apoia, we met with artist and photographer Felipe Feca, to promote his works that capture different faces of the Brazilian people.

Feca has been working with photography for years, but his contact with art was essential to promote new perspectives on himself and his relationship with culture and society. “Being a photographer is synonymous with courage, dedication, culture, life and inspiration.” Comments Feca in an interview.

Arapuru Gin believes that all the beauty of art comes from artists. And, because we are committed to valuing the people of Brazil, we supported the artist Felipe Feca, to encourage reflections on his work in dialogue with society.

At the beginning of 2021, we sent an exclusive photo of the Pataxós project, by Felipe Feca, to different art and gin lovers. Feca’s portraits capture the uniqueness of his vision of the world and are a true celebration of the roots of the people of Brazil.

Discover some of his work below:


In his project “Pataxós“, Felipe Feca visits the roots of the Pataxós villages in Bahia, to create a portrait of a Brazil that few know about. In 40 days, Felipe portrays these indigenous communities on their sacred soil, as an effort to endure the history of the Pataxós who continue to fight for the right to their ancestral lands.


In his project “Workers”, Felipe Feca questions the dimensions of invisibility experienced by workers and asks himself “Have you ever stopped to look at everyone around you who works for you to have your life?”. In this project that began in 2012, Feca prints photos with the unique story that each worker carries – their gifts, contributions and lives that permeate everyone in society.

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