In July 2020, when the environmental tragedy began in the Pantanal, our company was going through a very difficult time and we were unable to help the projects that were working to stop the fire and rescue the animals. Much of our fauna and that biome were lost as a result of fires caused by farmers as a cheap way to renew pasture for beef cattle. However, Ampara remains in the region with a team of veterinarians, biologists and other volunteers, helping to save wild animals, providing medical support and fighting poachers. So, we decided to be part of this recovery.

At Arapuru we decided to launch a campaign throughout the month of December with the aim of raising funds and contributing to Ampara. We offer a 10% discount on our bottles to encourage sales and, therefore, with each sale we will donate R$25 to the institution.

In our online store we also created a second form of contribution through a donation coupon that you can add to the value of your purchase.

Forests are lush and diverse ecosystems, but fragile in the face of human destruction where evil is reflected. But kindness is manifested in the dedication of those striving to save them, a fight that depends on the idealistic and generous work of NGOs operating across the country – despite the lack of support from the State and those who choose to criticize rather than act. dedicate to a cause that requires social solidarity. How much does this matter for us to feel responsible enough to take on efforts to recover the Pantanal? Very! We are subject to moral bonds that generate obligations simply because we are part of a community.

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