Renata was born in São Paulo (capital), but has lived in Ceará, in the city of Crato, for 3 years. She is a teacher at the Regional University of Cariri in the area of Art Theory. Researcher, visual artist, mother of 2 children and a very inspiring woman. Renata applied for the Select award with one of her projects called AMOR-Tecimento, a performance that takes place based on formative-healing meetings.

Amor-tecimento (LOVE-Weaving) is about relearning to love, touch and recognize the power of humanity in black bodies – just as we are educated and educated to recognize it in white bodies. Twenty black people are invited to touch each other in a session of caresses, caresses and guided massages.

Renata writes: “Our collective difficulties with art and the act of love began in the slavery context. This should not surprise us, as our ancestors witnessed their children being sold; their lovers, companions, friends being beaten for no reason. People who lived in extreme poverty and were forced to separate from their families and communities could not have left this context understanding this thing we call love.”

The people who participated in AMOR-Tecimento were invited by a call on social media that highlighted that the more varied their skin and ages were, the better it would be to disentangle themselves from the idea of a pre-established standard regarding a black person.

AMOR-Tecimento in SESC Vila Mariana, April, 2019, São Paulo, SP. Photo: Crioulla Oliveira.

Some of the people participating in AMOR-Tecimento, from left to right Shambuyi Wetu, Ederson Campos Jofe Santos, Marcia Izzo, Pritty Amaral, Carol Zeferino, Leonardo, Marcos Felinto, Nhiz Souza and Rhunan Brás, April, 2019. Photo: Crioulla Oliveira. AMOR-Tecimento as a workshop open not only to performance participants, but to interested audiences regardless of ethnic-racial belonging.

AMOR-Tecimento in SESC Vila Mariana, April, 2019, São Paulo, SP. Photo: Crioulla Oliveira.

““I once told some black women that I would like to live in a world where love existed, where I could love and be loved. For this world to exist it is necessary to end racism and all forms of domination. If I choose to dedicate my life to fighting oppression, I am helping to transform the world into the place I want to live. This way we can accumulate strength to face the genocide that kills so many black men, women and children every day. When we know love, when we love, it is possible to see the past with different eyes; It is possible to transform the present and dream of the future. This is the power of love. Love heals.”, Concludes Renata.

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