Dry Gin

We are the first London Dry Gin from Latin America. Our traditional "one-shot" production method is all hand crafted and 100% made in Brazil. We infuse fresh, local ingredients before the distillation for an exclusive and unique result. Our recipe was developed by one of the world's best gin distillers, englishman Rob Dorsett, who has over 250 gin brands on his resumé. Arapuru brings versatility for all gin based drinks.

A quality Brazilian product that inspires sophistication and tradition. An experience that uncovers ingredients, culture and history into a contemporary reading of our Brazil.

The Legend is Real

Bird symbol of the Amazon, the Arapuru is an exceptional song bird, that inspired diverse legends. Her melody is so beautiful that it brings luck and silences the woods. A unique and magical moment in which even the other birds stop to listen to you.

Its cashew-shaped feathers resemble a beautiful sunset, a delicious afternoon that translates to the soul of our gin. Meet the legend.

Choose Your Flight

We believe in the mixture of people, in the fusion of cultures, in the summing of the knowledge. In adding the far there to here.

A journey through flavors and secrets of the Brazil, combined with artistic and musical influence of Brazilian modernism.The invitation to enjoy the present, but preserving traditions. Choose your flight.

Brazillian Pride

We are proud to be 100% made in Brazil, produced by the dissemination of culture through art and knowledge of nature. An expression of true Brazil and its riches with a language that translates wisdom, creativity and innovation.

We mix the knowledge from the "old world" with Brazil: the country of culture, art, cuisine and now GIN.


Dried fruit

Dried fruit used for adding flavor and color to various
spirits such as gins.s gins.


A plant of small and aromatic flowers - leafs are used as a seasoning or condiment with a very characteristic odor.

Dried slices

In the native indigenous language it means "nut that is produced". Its fermented juice quickly and can distilled to produce brandy.

Dried fruit

A plant from north eastern of Brazil. Its fruit are slightly spicy, with a hint of cinnamon, and are ideal for flavoring recipes.


Nature joined cloves, cinnamon and star anise in a native ingredient from the Amazon region.Has the taste comparable to that of nutmeg, but is even more aromatic.


In Tupi-Guarani, Pacova means rolled leaf. In small quantities already, its seends add flavor and aroma and are filled with different essential oils.

dried peel

Citrus fruit known also as tangerine, has an orange color and a sweet taste. They resemble the old wild species native in Asia.

Dried peel

Citrus fruit with a green-yellow peel,
has stains and a rough appearance, and is susceptible to fungi and diseases. It produces a very acidic and abundant juice.


The root is used, although there are some gins that use the flower or the seeds. Once distilled, the angelica has an earthy, slightly bitter taste.

Dried leaf

Well known and widespread in Brazil, its medicinal properties and its unique aroma make it an ingredient in many recipes.


The mastic tree is native to South America. The bright red fruit is aromatic and sweet.

Cinnamon straw

The cinnamon is removed from the inside bark of a medium-sized tree. Its' widely used in cooking as a seasoning and flavoring and preparation of certain types of liquors.

Eye View


Since his first trip to São Paulo in 2011, Erik Lorincz has been fascinated by Brazilian culture and biodiversity, rich in details, perfumes and flavors. It was this charm that inspired him to create exclusive recipes with gin Arapuru, using local ingredients such as cashew on his creations.

Leading American bartender at the Savoy Hotel in London and winner of numerous contests and titles, including 'Champion World Class Diageo' in 2010, Erik once again innovates and offers us internationally Brazilian recipes.

With his sophisticated, creative and daring style, this cocktail master and successor to bartending legends like Harry Craddock and Joe Gilmore, takes us back to the glamor of the 1920s but with the freshness of contemporary and a very Brazilian accent.

Arapuru it's the first london dry gin that unit the best brazilian ingredients with a sophisticated touch.
Erik Lorincz

Gin Tonic

Arapuru Gin, Tonic Water, Lemon and Caju.

Coffee Negroni

Arapuru gin, Sweet Vvermouth , Campari, Coffee

Green Park

Arapuru gin,fresh basil, lemon juice, sugar syrup, celery bitters, egg white Coupette or martini.


Arapuru Gin, lime juice, yuzu juice, coriander, fino dry, sugar syrup, soda Highball

Where to Find


Street Delfina 163, Vila Madalena,São Paulo.


Street Bela Cintra, 1551 - Consolação, São Paulo.

Restaurante D.O.M.

Street Barão de Capanema, 549 - Jardins, São Paulo.

Emporium Santa Luzia

Avenue Lorena, 1471 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo.

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