Our Values

We are more than a craft beverage industry in Brazil. We've converted our personal calling into a company guided by a purpose. A group of people who seek, in addition to promoting their brands, to act with integrity and to offer their strengths at service for the society.

Here are our main values that guide our work at Arapuru Gin:
Transparency as a basis for trust and security.
We value transparency in our meetings, in the decision-making process, as well as in making the company's financial information accessible to everyone. We believe that transparency is an important pillar of a healthy and confident business culture.

Authentic connections with honest and direct communication.
We've created meetings to learn how to connect in an authentic, vulnerable way and to practise deeper listening. We are committed to solving our interpersonal challenges through honest and kind communication.

Teamwork to promote creativity and individual contribution.
We believe that highly collaborative teams generate great results. We promote creativity and proactive contribution beyond the limits of each other's job descriptions.

Commitment to growth and transformation.
We are committed to the path of personal growth, ready to receive feedback and practice introspection about our own blind spots. Not only do we work on internal transformation, but we are also connected with actions aimed at our company's transformational purpose to have a positive impact on the society.

We honor all of our stakeholders.
We constantly analyze our stakeholder network and review actions to value the members of our team, their families, our customers, suppliers, society and earth.