We were born to encourage people to unveil their true essence, by exploring their culture and art.


What is our vision of the future?
What future do we want to co-create?

We believe that in the future, cultural identity and diversity will no longer be reasons for inequality and discrimination. On the contraty they will become important pieces in constructing a more inclusive and conscious society.

A society that is excited to hear about the plurality of its culture in order to know, learn, and not to disqualify. Listen with an open heart and create vulnerable dialogues. Dialogues that connect us with our ancestry and help to reframe the past with the most integral values. A future built from our greatest point of power: the Now.

How does it get us into action?
What do we do?

We support culture and art.
We are a channel for valuing individual trajectories that carry our history, and social projects that see art and culture as instruments for personal transformation, and for combating physical limitations and social discrepancies.We wish and bring light to the meeting of “Brazils” separated by the ignorant social and cultural dichotomy. Discover (take away what covers) the bravery and usefulness of how much it has built us.

Meet Arapuru Apoia, a platform that helps us to recover the essence of our cultural identity and express our purpose. Listening, giving a voice, talking and feeling.